Sauna Cool Mini

Shota Kaneko, widely known as Teen Runnings, is now
the owner of an octopus balls cafe.
Sauna Cool Mini is located in Shin-Nagata, Kobe city where
Kaneko is currently based in.
The name "Sauna Cool" was taken from the record label he runs 
and its interior decoration heavily reflects his marvelous taste in visual art.
Even the shop flyer and menu (which he designed apparently)
are appealing in a distinct manner.
I'd call the mood "summer-tinged minimalism".
The cafe has two signature dishes:
octopus balls (Takoyaki), Kobe's local specialty and
poutine (known as a classic French-Canadian dish).
He offers everything at affordable prices, really.


This is quite something, nothing like this had ever existed before.
Moreover, he is thinking about adding a new function to the cafe
in the near future.
That is something like "a small DIY venue dedicated to provide the hub
of the local youth culture"
where locals play some unplugged live shows at.

But having said that, it doesn't mean Teen Runnings is in a state of hiatus.
Teen Runnings is now in the form of his solo project
and doing Karaoke-style shows.
Check the latest tracks below:

"Sauna Cool Mini"
4-4-11 Mizukasa st.
Nagata-ward, Kobe-city, Hyogo, Japan
(5 mins walk from Shin-Nagata station)
SHOP HOURS: from 2pm to 9pm

NOTE: Irregular holidays and temporarily closed frequently.
I recommend that you check the current status on twitter
when you're actually planning to visit.
The account tweets mostly in Japanese but Kaneko speaks English as well,
so do not hesitate to pitch a reply or DM to him in English.