möscow çlub - CELINE

möscow çlub always pretend as if they're Russian.
By releasing a ton of sophisticated synth-pop songs for romantic singles and lovers,
they have been trying to show us one of the best way to make music/to run a band
in a nation where DIY culture is not rooted in.

After a two-year hiatus,
they somehow managed to release their long-awaited sophomore effort.
The second album titled "outfit of the day" marks a new phase for the band.
A series of fashion-themed songs sounds gorgeously and brings glittering moods.
Considering the overall sound quality and singer's vocalization are quite improved,
this must be the best thing they ever made so far.

In addition, there are two remarkable guest vocal appearances; 
Amanda Åkerman (from Alpaca Sports) on M-2"CELINE"
Alice Hansen (from You'll Never Get To Heaven) on M-9"CARVEN"

"outdit of the day" is out on 9/30 on Fastcut Records
Pre-order here